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S2T Deployed in the Field

Today, members of S2T are in the field, executing tasks of different projects. Our collaborators are deployed in the Regiment Logistics of Army No. 2 War Arsenals, Batuco Barracks, in CECOMBAC Iquique, at FAMAE Talagante and at CMIF Antofagasta.

At the Batuco Humberto Contreras Barracks, a security improvement is being completed electronics for that Unit. In CECOMBAC Iquique; Elias Vargas and Manuel Valdebenito are developing a maintenance process for different simulators of the armored material.

At FAMAE Talagante, Roberto Fica and Felipe Barrales are testing a solution to a data transmission problem, and finally at the Antofagasta CMIF, Eduardo Hernandez, Jesús Catalan and Javier Soto are finalizing a process of maintenance, to the computer hardware of FAMAE, corresponding to the CMIF of the North Zone.


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