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Start of Strategic Planning Update

On March 8, 2023, the 1st Conference on Updating the Company's Strategic Planning began, attended by Mr. Yerko Benavides, Head of the Technological Development and Industry Division of the Undersecretary of Defense of the MDN, Mr. Daniel Sandoval, Manager of Planning and Control (GPyC) of FAMAE, a delegation from that Company, special guests and the entire staff of #S2T.

The day began with the delivery of a rose to the members of the Companies and guests to the work day, then the general manager developed a presentation on the capabilities of S2T, continuing with two important presentations by Mr. Benavides and Mr. Sandoval, continuing with a series of internal presentations, developed by our collaborators, ending in the afternoon with a working day, during which the current PE S2T was analyzed.

Mr. Benavides, among other aspects, pointed out the strategic importance of this type of companies for the development of the country, where it is necessary to join efforts of the sectors; academic, public and private, in turn, the FAMAE GPyC indicated that the current #FAMAE Strategic Plan considers promoting S2T in the area of technology.

The presentations of the members of the Company highlighted each one of our areas, with different presentations of the projects and tasks in execution. This is how the activity, in brief presentations, allowed us to observe the areas of "development", "outsourcing", "simulation", "sensors" and "special projects".

During the event, the members of S2T and our guests were able to learn in detail about the Company's capabilities and, furthermore, it was an important opportunity for professional and personal growth for all those professionals who had to show their projects and/or tasks, before an audience that through his questions he demonstrated great curiosity.

Finally, during the afternoon, only with the presence of the area managers, the revision of the current PE S2T was developed, which will be the basis for developing its update.


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